"Night Fairies"  by Tina Steele Penn - Acrylic on Paper

Lesson Sample

Private Lessons:

Private lessons as you need them, scheduled  for your convenience:  $55.00 an hour including materials.  (Less $5.00 if you bring your own supplies) 

Or  save money and get serious with weekly scheduled lessons - Adults  age 13 and up. Painting and Drawing instruction: 60 Minutes – in the Studio – Instruction geared to the needs of the students - $45.00 an hour or $135.00 for 4 hours. (4 hours in one month, scheduled and paid in advance – see Policies) If you are driving long distances - lessons may be combined i.e. two 90 min lessons $120.00    

Beginner: Where do I begin?  Which medium do I use?  What are Tonal Values?  How do I get my brush to do what I want?  

Getting Started:  What do you mean by composition?  How can I guarantee a good composition?  How do I use my color wheel, and why?  Do I draw first, or paint first?  Why is the background so important?  

I Want to Learn New Stuff: I've been painting (or drawing) forever, but I haven't ever developed skills to really be able to do whatever I want - consistently.  

Achieving Results:  How do I bring it all together and get the results I want?  Instruction + Practice + Practice + Practice, and a little guidance… 

Advanced and Independent Coaching:  I want to do it my way! (And I already know all that other stuff… or don’t care about that other stuff – “It interferes with my vision”!)  

I want to improve on Perfection: I am pretty confident, and I love my work, but I feel like I could use just a little coaching to enlarge my reach and scope?   

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"Dry Creek Falls" by Tina Steele Penn - Watercolor on Bond


Getting the Basics :  Three hours of concentrated study and Practice

Painting Basics: 180 minutes of studio time: $80.00 advance registration required, materials provided. Students will work on mastering basic elements of painting in Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor.  Subject matter will be specific to elements of artwork and composition:  

Drawing Basics:  Learn the different methodologies for drawing and sketching.  120 minutes of Studio Time: $75.00 advance registration required, materials provided. Students will work on mastering basic element of artwork, composition, tonal values and basic structure: See Schedule. Maximum 10 students 

I want more!

Ok, so you can paint.  But you want to excel. You want to awe.  You want to thrill even your own heart.  What will it take?  How will you get the results you want?  This is a guided, intuitive, exploration of finding the depths of creativity within – getting down into the trenches to find the celestial.  Whether representative, or abstract, your soul has to speak - for it to be art.  This is going to be work!  Happy accomplishment! Let’s free it from the paper and help it to soar!   180 minutes of studio time, $110.00 advance registration, materials provided. 

Boot Camp - Some or all of the above in 12 hours.  Six hours a day for two days.  Choose from two options each day:  6 hours in 3 hour segments at 9:00 -12:00 A.M. or 2:00-5:00 P.M. or 6-9 P.M. 1st day, and second day  at 9:00 -12:00 A.M. or 2:00-5:00 P.M.  Students can have the guided instruction for all principles of their medium, or they can work with coaching, but it is an intense session designed to cover and master a lot of ground - fast.  $385.00 w/ materials. (Does not include snacks or lodging) $365.00 if student brings own supplies. (Must have materials approved.) 

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"Cornwall"  by Tina Steele Penn - Acrylic on Paper - class sample


 For Groups of two or more (Maximum of 8, unless out of doors in good weather)

90 minutes of studio time: $55.00 for first student includes materials - $15.00 Each Additional, payable in advance.

Far Horizons:  We want to learn a new skill – something we do for the rest of our lives, and share as we mature in our abilities!  Painting in Acrylic or Watercolor, Drawing in Graphite or Oil Pastel  

We Just Wanna Have Fun!: Okay, so maybe we aren’t so serious about the whole learning art thing… but we love to hang together and this would really be fun! Painting in Acrylic or Watercolor, Drawing in Graphite or Oil Pastel.

Local Flavor: We are a local group and would love to do a special piece to celebrate our common interest. Painting in Acrylic or Watercolor, Drawing in Graphite or Oil Pastel.

For more information, send your interest and the number projected to participate, and we will work out the details with you! Contact us here!

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